Do you even Podcast?

So, fellow Of Metal and Magic author Richie Billing and I did a thing.

We are planning to do one episode of this podcast a month, focusing at the start on common fantasy writing issues and then expanding into general writing topics. The first episode should be done by the end of November or early December and will focus on fantasy tropes and cliches.

We’ll be recording it in a couple weeks, so there is still some time if you want to give me some comments on the topic here. Also, if you have a good question for us to tackle, you might get a prize!

Leave any comments or questions you have on the topic of “fantasy tropes and cliches” below!

Thanks for stopping by!


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5 thoughts on “Do you even Podcast?

      1. ha! Well, if you’re ever in *that* much need for content, I’m always down for a dreadfully serious conversation about humor. Regardless, I’m looking forward to what you and Richie are putting together.

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