FWTS – Episode One

We did it! Richie Billing and I wrapped up the first episode of our new fantasy writing podcast, The Fantasy Writers’ Toolshed!

This first episode addresses a common issue in fantasy, cliches. (Which, I guess by definition, must be a common issue. Ha.) In deciding which cliches to discuss, we’ve relied in part on the poll Richie conducted on his blog several months back.

Check it out! And leave us a comment or a like! 🙂

10 thoughts on “FWTS – Episode One

    1. True. Every genre has its cliches. Having hosts from different countries is fun. The Of Metal and Magic authors I manage range across all the continents, well except Antarctica. But it makes things messy whenever we want to talk live, time zones and all.


  1. Very nice, JM. Clichés, overworked tropes, and derivative stories are a particular annoyance to me. I imagined the fantasy genre might be less prone to these, but I keep finding it crammed such unimaginative devices.

    When my children were very small, they wanted to hear the same stories over and over, and never tired of them. Perhaps the younger readership demands such repetition in their fantasy, or maybe its just me getting old.

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    1. I would imagine fantasy is one of the worst genres for cliches. It all derives from a few original works, is slow to change, and doesn’t get the literary respect of some other genres. One of the other cliches we discussed but had to cut for time was the prevalence of medieval European settings. At least in sci fi, stories tend to go in many different directions in regards to setting and time.


    1. That’s why I love your stuff though, the way you satrically break down common genre conventions. Like the last one you posted about the military raid on a “space mining facility.” So where are the families? The restaurant workers? All the support needed to run a colony? Cause that’s what it is. But your generic sci fi story misses that.

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