REBLOG: The Dialogue Checklist

I’ve written about dialogue grammar and formatting before, but K.M. Allan does a much better job here. Pay attention to the part on “action beats.” I see a lot of writers getting that wrong.

K.M. Allan

Dialogue is an important part of any story and essential to get right.

Good dialogue can reveal twists, unveil character traits, motivations, change the direction of the story, and give your cliffhangers the perfect bite—I mean, who doesn’t love the final line of a scene ending in a suspenseful piece of dialogue!

While it’s up to you to perfect your dialogue, if you want to ensure it’s working for your words, double-check it with the help of this checklist!

The Rules

Use your search function to find every instance of quote marks (” or ‘), and as you look at each highlighted quote, check the following…

Spelled Out Emotions

While there’s nothing wrong with telling emotions, if you’re spelling out every single instance, use this check to shortcut your way to finding all that telling and convert some of it to showing.

Telling: “Get out!” Jenny shouted angrily.

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