Monstrous Regiment Revisited

I’m about to revisit one of my favorite Discworld novels, “Monstrous Regiment,” after deciding I am in need of some lighter reading. So here’s a look back at what I had to say the first time I read (or rather listened to) the book.

I haven’t enjoyed a Terry Pratchett book in a good long while. Maybe it will provide some much needed catharsis. I’ll let you all know how the second trip through these pages goes.


JM Williams

I don’t think I have ever been so sad to finish a book. I wanted it to keep going; I was attached to the characters and their story. The book in question was Terry Pratchett’s Monstrous Regiment. I simply love the Discworld series. Pratchett is a master storyteller and he only got better with time. Book #31 is now one of my favorites. Sad that the man is no longer with us to give us more of these great stories.

Mild SPOILER ALERT for the content below. I will try to avoid telling too many of the book’s secrets, if I can.

This post is about male authors and their female characters. That is the core concept of Montrous Regiment, a tale of women adopting male gender roles and doing better than the men they emulate. The story centers on a group of women who enlist in the army disguised…

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4 thoughts on “Monstrous Regiment Revisited

  1. Unlike Jacqui, I re-read all the time. It’s like visiting with old friends. Monstrous Regiment is near the top of my to read list, thanks to your previous recommendation, so I’m going to exercise restraint and skip the rest of your post until I have read it. Later . . .

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    1. Haha. I probably won’t get around to posting as I read. I’ve got a few other things to write about still. I need to post my ideas on Jurrasic Park, which is the last book I finished.


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