REBLOG — Heroism: Art Imitates Life by JM Williams

Here’s a guest post I wrote for Transmundane, which is related to the story I have in their upcoming anthology, ON TIME.

Maybe I’m too much of an optimist–that’s a bit hard to believe considering how cynical and sarcastic I am!–but I’ve never bought into the post-apocalyptic premise of people turning on each other, people as animals rather than intelligent beings. It’s just not supported by the sociology.

My story in the anthology is a hero tale, of sorts, so it seemed like a good topic to dive into. Why do people do crazy things for the benefit of others?

Transmundane Press

banner.jpegEnjoy an exclusive guest post from JM Williams, author of “Time to Set Things Right,” featured in our upcoming anthology ON TIME.

You’ve heard this story before. A young man standing on a subway platform suffers a seizure and falls onto the tracks. The roar of the coming train is deafening, the lights like the glowing eyes of Cerberus. Then suddenly, a bystander jumps down, grabs the man, and pulls them both to safety, just as the train screeches by. This happened famously in 2007, and many times before.

I have an obsession with heroes. Heroes who rush to burning cars to rescue survivors. Heroes who run towards the sound of gunfire rather than away. What makes someone do such a thing?

Fantasy fiction is filled with heroes, which is probably why it’s my genre of choice. There’s something deeply compelling about these stories. Something ancient. Some of the earliest…

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