The Lorelei Signal is Returning!

I had a story accepted almost three years ago at a small, feminist indie e-zine called the Lorelei Signal. Unfortunately, the publisher went on indefinite hiatus shortly thereafter. Carol is good people, don’t get me wrong. Things just happen, as my own life can attest. An so, this story has been listed on my publications page as “coming soon” for years!

Well, this past week I got some surprising news.

What that all means is soon you will be able to read my flash fiction piece “Through the Eyes of Ishtar,” which had been abandoned these past years in my writing folder. To be honest, I barely remember it, other than it’s a feminist examination and retelling of the seemingly male-constructed mythology. If I recall correctly, this idea came to me after listening to the BBC’s In Our Time episode on the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Anyway, the story will be out sometime around January, and I will post a link then once I have it.

Thanks for dropping by!


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