Ask Me Anything (and Richie, too)

Shared from the Of Metal and Magic Publishing blog…

We are continuing with our launch events for Richie Billing’s debut novel, Pariah’s Lament. In just over 24 hours, we will be hosting an “Ask Me Anything” or AMA session over on Reddit.

Richie will be running the show, but a few others from OMAM will be along for the ride. Come on by and give us your best questions. They don’t have to be only about Pariah’s Lament. We’ll also be discussing our other authors, our upcoming books, and the whole idea of collaborative writing and shared universes.

It’ll be a blast!

We’ll be over on Reddit on Friday 26 March (tomorrow), at 1pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), or Zulu time for my fellow grunts. That translates to 8am Central Time and 10pm Korea Time. The event will run for several hours, so don’t feel the need to drop in right at the start. We’ll have some open conversation threads for you to join at your convenience.

Want to learn more about the book? Why not check out some of Richie’s recent interviews?

Click here to read an interview with the brilliant Laura Buckley.
Head here to listen to Richie with Steve Holder on Holding On With Holder
Or head here to see an interview with Herminia Chow.

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