REBLOG: The Wonder of Portal Fantasy

I posted on OMAM about one of my favorite fantasy subgenres–Portal!

Of Metal and Magic Publishing

At this point, I’ve received several submissions which I would call “portal fantasy.” Unfortunately, due to our strict “no Earth” policy, I’ve had to say no. That’s not to say I haven’t been tempted…

What is it about portal fantasy that is so compelling? A recent article on had me thinking about the genre. First, let me share the key idea of that article with you.

Is John Wick portal fantasy? For the stubborn few of you who don’t know, John Wick–an action flick starring everyone’s favorite nice guy, Keanu Reeves–is the story of a man who gets drawn back into a secret underground world of assassins and conspiracies. As described by the article’s author, Leah Schnelbach:

While subtle, John Wick’s entry into his fantasy world is not unlike Dorothy Gale’s—where she is sucked up by a tornado and comes to the Land of Oz after saving her dog…

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