On Writing: More Book Cover Tips

If you’re curious as to what I have been up to, here’s your answer. I’ve been messing around with book covers. What do you think of the new Valley of Magic paperback cover?

Of Metal and Magic Publishing

I’ve learned a lot about book design over the past five years, both through self-publishing and working with others. And I’ve grown a lot as a cover designer myself, though I’m not anywhere near the level of a practiced expert, such as the folks at 100Covers who do the art for our main books.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve completed my first full paperback cover, and I wanted to share it with you along with some insights I’ve picked up along the way. We’ve posted tips on book covers before, so I’ll try not to retread old ground.

The cover is new image for my short story novel IN THE VALLEY OF MAGIC. The reason for the new cover is that I am experimenting with a new paperback size, 5x8in, which required a new image. I did not have the files for original cover, since VALLEY was originally…

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2 thoughts on “On Writing: More Book Cover Tips

  1. Great post with useful info. And yes, I totally agree that you shouldn’t just slap text on a picture and call it a day. I see it a lot on the self-publishing tag. Am learning about this, so your post was really timely. Thanks for this!

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