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Who is JM Williams?

Check out my recent interview it Armed Forces Network radio Pacific.

Last year, I had my two biggest author events. The first was at Comic Con Seoul!

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Comic Con was great, even better than I had expected. I managed to sell a few books, hand out a bunch of flyers, but more importantly I made some friedns and a few important connections. 

The second event was a book reading and author panel (via video conference) focused on my work with Fiction Vortex.

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In addition to being a Science Fiction and Fantasy author, I am now also a published mystery writer! You can read one of my stories for free at Over My Dead Body! Mystery Magazine.

My current work in progress is a spin-off of my novel Call of the Guardian, which is turning out to be a sort of epistolary novel mixed with mythology and meta-narrative. It’s probably the most complex thing I have ever written, which is a mixed bag of fun and headaches.

In addition to working on this complicated novel, I am also hard at work leading a team of authors for Fiction Vortex’s Of Metal and Magic StoryVerse (OMAM). This is a group of writers who all write series set in the same shared epic fantasy world. My work includes reading and editing their work, establishing deadlines, maintaining the continuity of the world, and other things that keep me from writing. I hope to have a sampler book prepared along the lines of the one published by our sister StoryVerse ASH FALLS, which means a lot more administrative work for me, and less time for writing.

Currently I am constructing an anthology for OMAM. This book will include the opening chapters of our upcoming series, as well as original short fiction. It will serve as an introduction to our fantasy world. I hope you will grab a copy when it is finished.

Lastly, you can grab one of my own novels by clicking the cover images on the side of the page.