Goings On

Although this page has been quiet for some time, I have not been idle! In fact, I’ve got a lot of news to share.

First and foremost, I’ve made the move into audiobooks! Both my novel CALL OF THE GUARDIAN, and my Jaron & Bren flash collection are available on Audible.

In other news, I have several new short stories in published or upcoming anthologies.

One of my favorites stories I’ve ever written, “The Warrior Princess of Mogtesa,” is now available in this wonderful anthology by Lagrange Books. This is a classic fantasy story filled with conniving kings and wily goblins.

The next recent story can be found in the “Particular Passages 4” anthology by Knight Writing Press. This is a magical realism story set in my home state of Minnesota.

I also have a sci-fi flash story in this anthology by Shacklebound Books.

I hope you enjoy these stories. In future news, I have stories coming next year with Abyss & Apex and also Dreamforge Magazine, indeed two of my best ever. Very excited to share more details with you soon on those projects.

As always, if you want to keep up with me, you should head over to Of Metal and Magic Publishing, where I spend most of my time. Recent blog posts from me include:

If you’re looking for a quick down and dirty on who the heck JM Williams is, look no further. Check out the interview I did with Armed Forces Network (AFN) radio Pacific back in 2019.

My biggest author event so far was Comic Con Seoul, check it out!

Another big event was a book reading and virtual author panel at a local library.

In addition to being a Science Fiction and Fantasy author, I am now also a published mystery writer! You can read one of my stories for free at Over My Dead Body! Mystery Magazine.

Thanks for stopping by. Check out my blog here, my publications page, or head over to Of Metal and Magic Publishing for some free books!