Dangerous Games

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The Sun-Flight

I’m so glad this story found a home.

Here is a story I’ve been trying for a long time to get published. Perhaps the format was off-putting for some publishers, or maybe the subject matter?

Whatever the reason for the delay, I am happy to finally share this story with you. Now more relevant than ever.


Transmundane Press

banner.jpegEnjoy an exclusive guest post from JM Williams, author of “Time to Set Things Right,” featured in our upcoming anthology ON TIME.

“We saw the ship today, Moa. It was covered in vines, but it’s still there. It’s hard to think people could build a big metal thing like that.”

“You’d be surprised by the things we built, little one.”

“Can you tell me the story? The story of the Sun-Flight?”

“Didn’t your teacher tell you about it?”

“Yes, but Kesia says you tell it best.”

“Oh, does she?”

“Please. Kesia wasn’t there for the arrival. What was it like, when you came back on the Ark?”

“You’re very persistent today. Well, okay. Where should I begin? Coming back was…a surprise for us. The world was like the Ark is now, covered in plants and flowers we had never seen. The world was so…green.”

“It wasn’t green before?”

“Not exactly…here, sit…

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REBLOG: The Impostor Syndrome

If you want to dive deep into the darkest crevices of a writer’s mind, you should follow Irina. Many of her posts are long and thoughtful digressions on life and writing. She’s  better at explaining these sorts of things than I am.

This one hit me so hard in the feels, I needed to reblog. I’ve been feeling some heavy imposter syndrome these days (Sorry for being such a Danny Downer lately!). This is such a great way of looking at it.

I’ve had those 45-minute rants plenty of times in my professional field, but it never clicked how meaningful that is. Thanks, Irina, for sharing your insights!


I often have internal dialogues. Sometimes they’re mostly peaceful but usually they’re highly argumentative. Yes, I often disagree with myself and I get on my nerves a lot being stubborn about stuff. Such as the impostor syndrome.

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