Updated Publications List

I finally took the time today to clean up my publications page. As I was going through it all, I was a bit shocked to see just how much I have done over the past few years.

And that’s only half of it. Maybe I don’t give myself enough credit.

Looking back, here are some of my favorite stories over the years.

“Hidden Treasures”

This was the culmination of my journey with the character Storm Hamilton. I still have a desire to go back and write his novel someday–I just don’t know when I will ever find the time.

Why I like it: Best opening line of “She wanted to see where the books came from.”

Read it here.

“The Sorcerer” and “The Might of a Shaman”

Both of these stories got picked up by Bewildering Stories when I was still finding my stride as a published author. That gave me the confidence to keep going. Sad note: I still can’t spell “sorceror” correctly…

Why I like them: Distantly related stories in a fun setting which I eventually plan to close out with a third entry.

You can also read both over at OMAM.

“Stacking the Cards”

Another gem that came towards the end of my “Storm Hamilton” period, as the historians will surely call it.

Why I like it: This one made me a card-carrying mystery writer! I was very proud to be able to cross genres.

Read it here.

“Guardians of the Dead” and “The Firekeeper”

Two of the best pieces of fiction I’ve ever published (have a couple more contenders that haven’t be released yet). This is not to mention that I had to pen “The Firekeeper” in just a week after the publisher told me I had to make up the minimum word count in order to make it into the book.

Why I like them: I always wanted to write my cats into a story… Plus, the paperback is beautiful.

Buy the book here.


Thanks for dropping by. I hope you have the chance to read one of these stories.


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